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   CompressLib v1.2d    A compression library for DJGPP
   Direct Hex    Hex Editor
   Font Edit V.01    Font Editor
   Graphics Extractor    Extracts graphics from nes roms into
   *.bmp files
   Graphics Inserter    Inserts *.bmp graphics into nes roms
   Hex 2 Snes    Let's you hex edit addresses for the snes
   Hexecute Dos    Good Hex editor for dos containing
   extraction and insertion also full DTE support
   HexEdit v0.98    Hex Editor
   HexEdit Romhack Edition    Linux Hex editor with support for TBL files
   Hexposure    Easy to use Nes Hexeditor
   Hex Workshop    An all in one hexeditor everything you need
   Ipsexe v1.1    Converts Ips files into exe's
   Ips Patcher    Use this to patch roms with translations
   I Snes Dissambler    Allows SNES ROMs to be viewed in 65816 ASM
   JQuick Trans    A Japanese - English dictionary
   Naga Sprite Editor    A quick sprite editor
   Nex Edit    Another Hex editor with
   Recap    Pointer Recalculater
   Relativeful Search v1.1    A relative search program
   Romanji Search v1.0    Not so good relative searcher
   Rom Edit    Used to change text in NES and SNES roms
   Script Exctractor    Makes a script from a ROM to put into a txt file
   Script Inserter    Puts txt back into rom file
   Search Relative 2    A great utility for finding hex addresses
   SMC Ripper    Another good sprite editor
   SnesEdit v0.9.017    Tile editor and hexeditor
   SNES Developer Studio    A great disassembler for SNES
   SNES Palette Editor v0.3    Puts txt back into rom file
   SNES Tool    util for snes including many different features
   SPC Disassembler v0.2    Yousei's SPC Disassembler
   Table Auto-Generator    Assists in the creation of making file tables
   TableLib v1.0    Table loading library for C compilers
   Table Maker Relative    A super-quick table maker for most ROMs
   Table Manager    Easy to use table maker. Supports Hexposure
   Thingy    Hacking TOol
   Thingy32 v.17    Puts txt back into rom file
   Translhextion 1.4    A great Hex Editor.
   Script Inserter    Hacking Tool
   TileMod v1.00b3    Editor for NES/GB/SMS/VB/SNES tiles
   Unirom    A ROM text editor
   Visual Hex Editor v1.1.1    Visual Hex Editor for FNT files
   x65dis v1.00d    Disassembler
   XChar    A tile editor for ROM images
   Script Inserter    Puts txt back into rom file
   Xlate    A graphical/text editor

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