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Nickname BoBo
Job Generally anything to do with RPG-Zone.
Email [email protected]
ICQ 19853688
Comments EH?..? OH?..?
Nickname Cl0
Job Generally anything to do with RPG-Zone.
Email [email protected]
ICQ 19156047
Comments Hmmmmm.... "Comment"
Nickname Kami no Tantoo
Job Game/HTML programmer.. umm Stripper? heh
Email [email protected]
ICQ 68387105
Comments I'm probably the worlds humblest megalomaniac.........
Nickname Quip
Job Reviews/Previews And Help
Email [email protected]
ICQ 70413951
Comments ??
Nickname Tull
Job Reviews, Help, Dictator for Life
Email [email protected]
ICQ 72052604
Comments Hello Sailors!
Nickname RageX
Job Reviews/Previews/Help/Translations
Email [email protected]
ICQ 72123710
Comments Kame-hame-haaachoo!
Nickname Shark
Job Video Game Expert/Reviewer
Email [email protected]
ICQ 47003818
Comments Go Then, There are other worlds than these
Nickname OologahQ
Job Reviewer
Email [email protected]
ICQ 72337705
Comments Square? What is this company Square?
Nickname HyenaPW
Job Anything and everything
Email [email protected]
ICQ None
Comments donkeys aren't the only asses you can ride or confusion can lead to control. and another thing will be telling me what to review and preview or just do what ever i think is worth doing.
Nickname DK
Job Reviewer (and a damn good one)
Email [email protected]
ICQ 26582824
Comments Follow my reviews and you will get a game you like 99.99999999% of the time.
Nickname Ultimauge
Job Revews/Previews (AOL advice giver =))
Email [email protected]
Comments You may now call me your Hero.
Nickname Cylon
Job Revews/Previews (AOL advice giver =))
Email N/A
ICQ 59229021
Comments Hello World!

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