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Grandia 2 News    
       Ubi Soft will now be publishing Grandia 2 later this year, and they have promised that the voice-over will be alot better than Grandia 1.
   According to online reports, the same people who did Metal Gear Solid's voice-over work is in charge of the voice-over work for Grandia 2.
   Ubi Soft says that Gradia 2 will be released on December 2000, and it is supposivly 30-60% translated into English, and the game isnt even out in Japan yet.

   Ubi Soft has released information on the story line of Grandia 2 also. It begins with the main character "Ryudo" being sent to watch over a young priestess "Elena" while she is involved in a mysterious ritual. Catastrophe strikes when the ritual commences, and Ryudo must rescue Elena. Ryudo finds he is caught between the forces of good and evil, and he does not like being the hero, but he still must fulfill his destiny and protect those who he does not like.

Source: RPGamer.

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