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Latest Info on FF9 Characters    
       Information about the plot is very limited but its said to revert to the old style settings and
gameplay that the Snes games featured.This is mainly due to the return of designer
Yoshitaka Amano the artist responsible for the settings of the first six games and the up and
coming chrono cross.

Your main character is Zidane Tribal who at the beggining of the game reveals himself to be a
theif. who is also a member of a group of bandits which have obtained the plans to castle alexandria.


Zidane Tribal
Short bio:Zidane Tribal is a young theif who is a member of a group of bandits who own
a floating theater called the Prima Vista.He has a weakness for the women and a problem with authority.He also seems to have a tail?

Albert steiner
occupation:Knight of the royal family of alexandria
Short bio:Loyalty is steiners main trait for this reason he is choosen as the princesses
bodyguard,He is also extreamly adept with weapons and armour.

Vivi Ornitier
occupation:Son of a black mage
short bio:Given Vivis age he will probably not start the game with much power Vivi has lacks self
confidence.This character is belived to be very important to the plot.

Garnet Til Alexandros the 17th
Age:Somewhere in her teens
occupation:Princess in the kingdom of alexandria.
Short Bio:At first she seems self centered and egotistical but then her lifestyle reveals
its own unique responsibilities.She has the protection of steiner her personal bodyguard.

Quina Quen
Short Bio:Hardly anything is known about him except that he may be Final Fantasy 9's answer to Cait Sith.

Salamander Coral
occupation:Combat Veteran
Short Bio:Martial Arts Expert that devotes all his time to training he puts his faith in his own strength and willpower.

Frejia Crecent
Short Bio:A rat woman of some sort.She is ment to have a dark past but also be a valiant and
graceful warrior.She is also ment to be able to tune into every ebb and flow of nature.

Eiko Carol
Short Bio:A child genius here intelligence often scares her elders and peers,she enjoys the
company of forest creatures such as Moogles!

Rumers indicate that there may also be a secret character!

Little is known about the combat system either but there are a few points

1.Squaresoft says that the fighting system will be more tactical and harder.
2.It is described as "a data heavy combination-like system".
3.The combat system also know allows you to utilize four characters during combat.

Its seems as though FFIX is returning to the jobs system used by FFVI
the jobs are pre assingned but characters will retain skills that make them indiviuals.
For instance Zidanes dexterity as a theif and Steiners master swordsmanship.

ITEM ABILITY SYSTEM:Items like materia in FFVII bestow powers upon characters
and over time the character may learn a move from it.Also depending on the
chracter who has the item equipped they may benfit more than another character.

THE MAGIC SYSTEM:The magic system remains typical to the old games with
black and white mages with the addition of the call mage alowing summoning back to the game

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