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September 29, 2000    
      The Following Reviews were added to Rpg Zone, but the staffers who added them didn't do a news update telling you guys about em =)

  • Dragonball Z Super Gokuden 2 (By Ultimauge)
  • Lufia 2 (By Magus)
  • Super Mario RPG (By Magus)
  • King of Dragons (By Magus)
  • Dragonball Super Gokuden (By Ultimauge)

    remember staffers, do news posts about your reviews when you add em, so people know you did them =)

    Updated By:- BoBo - @ 12:46 PM 9/29/2000

  •       Added - G-Nes v0.42 for Nintendo.

    The new features in this version of G-Nes are:

  • Sprite priority correction
  • Correction of overflow flag of adc and sbc of CPU
  • Addressing correction of CPU
  • The behavior at Sprite 0 hit is corrected.
  • Sprite drawing speed-up
  • Reproduction of delay until NMI after VBlank flag stands happens
  • Reproduction of PPU VRAM reading buffer ring
  • The behavior when mid-hblank is written is corrected.
  • (*mapper*) 19(NAMCO106) name table mirroring correction
  • (*mapper*) 19(NAMCO106) IRQ timing correction
  • (*mapper*) 19(NAMCO106) enhancing sound source correction
  • Sound engine 2 rewriting
  • Written a part of (*mapper*) 5(MMC-5)

    Check It Out Here.

    Updated By:- BoBo - @ 12:35 PM 9/29/2000

  • September 28, 2000    
          GOT ROMS?

    Yes there all back!!!!!! Still on free servers but hopefully our friend will hook us up soon , but nevertheless there here in time for the weekend. We thank you for all the support and help spread the word about rpg-zone. And help vote/visit sponsors.

    Thanks all.

    Updated By:- Cl0 - @ 12:54 AM 9/28/2000

    September 27, 2000    
          Slow Translation Week

    Not too many new things happening this week translations wise. Except today Lordtech from Wakd Hack Translations is reporting that the new design on there page is taking much longer then it originially was planned and , Bongo has found a job and school so he's not as available for the projects , but Lordtech has finished the items hack on WPJ translation. Want Proof?

    Updated By:- Cl0 - @ 10:30 PM 9/27/2000

          Added - RockNES v1.303 for Nintendo.

    The new features in this version of RockNES are:

  • Fixed trainer support (bug from previous version);
  • Small mistakes with 'while' loops fixed.
  • Fixed some problems with FDS driver, more casino games by are playable;
  • Whoops! Fixed broken mapper #43 from previous version.

    Check It Out Here.

    Updated By:- BoBo - @ 4:51 PM 9/27/2000

  •       Bleemcast delayed again...

    As this comes as no surprise to many, it looks like bleem! for the Dreamcast, better known as bleemcast! has delayed its shipping once again. This EBWorld product description mentions that it wouldn't ship until November 7th.

    Thanks to VGN for the news

    Updated By:- BoBo - @ 4:51 PM 9/27/2000

          Added - Nester UnOfficial for Nintendo.

    The new features in this version of Nester are:

  • mappers added 34,71,87,88,93,122(=184)
  • mappers fixed 19,85
  • mappers tested 34,(71),87,(88),93
  • mapper 78 Irem -> Jaleco
  • mapper 19 $6000-$7FFF is mapped to WorkRAM (e.g. DDS2) Expand I/O is assigned by expand memory (e.g. MindSeeker), but this expand memory is not saved when FreeROM().
  • support for Famista'92.

    Check It Out Here.

    Updated By:- BoBo - @ 4:49 PM 9/27/2000

  •       Added - DarcNES v9a0924 for Mulit-Console.

    The new features in this version of DarcNES are:

  • Fixed 6280 ADC overflow calculation.
  • Fixed 6280 SBC D mode carry flag clobber.
  • Fixed 6280 cycle-count bug for PL[APXY].
  • Converted 6280 to use lazy flag evaluation.
  • Fixed 6502 SBC overflow calculation.
  • Fixed 6502 SBC D mode carry flag clobber.
  • Fixed 6502 lazy flag evaluation SBC bug.
  • Cleaned up iNES ROM header parsing.
  • Fixed minor bug with PCE CD debug output for reset command.
  • Fixed (hopefully) compile problem with SVGAlib version.
  • Removed unused references to errno and errno.h from video_x.c.

    Check It Out Here.

    Updated By:- BoBo - @ 4:48 PM 9/27/2000

  •       Added - Hu-Go! v1.29 Alpha for Turbo Graphix 16.

    The new features in this version of Hu-Go! are:

  • Begin of cd support under the win port
  • Corrected the bug in real CD emulation, no cds were playable at least since the 1.28 version, certainly before
  • Preparation for the DreamCast port

    Check It Out Here.

    Updated By:- BoBo - @ 4:47 PM 9/27/2000

  • September 26, 2000    
          More Roms Up...

    Well, about 15 Nintendo roms were down, I put those back up, so enjoy more leechin =)

    Updated By:- BoBo - @ 11:28 PM 9/26/2000

          Some alright news

    Snes roms A-G are all up , only catch is that still not on a stable server it's on a free one =( but nevertheless there up. Tommorow look for H-Z . We're loosing visiters come on link to rpg zone or anything help us out..

    Updated By:- Cl0 - @ 6:38 PM 9/26/2000

    September 25, 2000    

    We still never got the webspace but it should be soon.. so please be patient and pretty soon all roms will be up and stable once more. Sorry for not upating had some stuff to take care of . Thanks for all your support, Rpg's OWN!

    Updated By:- Cl0 - @ 1:00 AM 9/25/2000

    September 23, 2000    
          Added - G-Nes v0.41 for Nintendo.

    The new features in this version of G-Nes are:

  • FDS sound fixes.
  • Joystick bug fixes.
  • Vertical, full-screen fixes.
  • Palette mirroring fixes.
  • VRC7 sound fixes.
  • PCM sound channel improvements.
  • Sprite DMA fixes.

    Check It Out Here.

    Updated By:- BoBo - @ 2:46 PM 9/23/2000

  • September 22, 2000    
          It seems that Enix is looking toward making some online game titles that might release sometime next year. The first title is an RPG that will involve up to about 4000 online gamers. The second title will be along the line of a puzzle game which you will work together with other gamers to solve. This online game is aimed to launch sometime in March 2001.

    Updated By:- Cylon - @ 9:13 PM 9/22/2000

    September 21, 2000    
          Added - DBoy v0.70a for Gameboy.

    The new features in this version of DBoy are:

  • various Sindwinder fixes.
  • some other small fixes.

    Check It Out Here.

    Updated By:- BoBo - @ 11:09 PM 9/21/2000

  •       Added - VisualBoy v1.4.6 for Gameboy.

    The new features in this version of VisualBoy are:

  • digital sound support for Perfect Dark, Warlock, Chessmaster and others
  • SGB border on supported CGB OnlineCasinoHR games
  • drag drop support
  • command line passing of ROM to start with
  • directories configuration
  • speed up button
  • capture button configuration
  • fullscreen mode changed to 640x480 (and centered)
  • emulator type (automatic, CGB, SGB, GB)
  • fix sound bug on Tetris DX, Zelda DX and others
  • increased speed emulation (found a nasty thing holding up emulation speed)
  • spanish translation

    Check It Out Here.

    Updated By:- BoBo - @ 11:08 PM 9/21/2000

  • September 20, 2000    
          Wicked News

    We all know Wakd Hacks Translations , well there putting a short hold on translating "Feda" to concentrate more on "WPJ" . Also they gained some more memebers to the team they are as follow's "David Mullen, Steve Csuth, mountaingoat, Eros, and [Levin]" . If there are any other people skilled in the trade of translating / hacking please apply at Wakd Hacks doors aren't closed yet.. Here's some new pics of the progress of "WPJ"

    Updated By:- Cl0 - @ 9:12 PM 9/20/2000

          Another Pleee of help

    Shiro and Keiko from The Blacklyon Den are asking for some help if anyone could help in translations hacks etc... plz visit there webpage. Now's your chance

    Updated By:- Cl0 - @ 9:02 PM 9/20/2000

          News eh?

    Ice Translations haven't shown us any progress of there hack for Dunk Heroes, until now here are some screen's showing I beleive it was the ending..

    Updated By:- Cl0 - @ 8:46 PM 9/20/2000

          AdriPSX release coming soon:

    The AdriPSX site was updated for the first time since July was word that Roor has been working on AdriPSX all the time and made some great improvements. But right now, his private life keeps him more and more busy from coding the emulator. Therefore, he will be releasing the current version before he leaves to Mexico, and will continue to develop it when he returns. Some things new in the upcoming release include the fact that the emulator is now much more advanced and much faster than the version thats currently publicly available. Although it's not as advanced as for example the yet unreleased ePSXe, AdriPSX is growing more and more. It also has sound, MDEC playback and a higher compatibility, and some more new things. We will post the release once it becomes available.

    Thanks to VGN for the news.

    Updated By:- BoBo - @ 4:51 PM 9/20/2000

          Just Slacking...

    Sorry to be slackin for a couple day's , but i got good news either today or at most sometime this week we'll have all the snes roms up! Sorry this took so long but it's not easy to find space, Keep up your votes and thanks .

    Updated By:- Cl0 - @ 4:35 PM 9/20/2000

    September 19, 2000    

    Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

    Sorry I'm a bit late. Well, Zelda MM is finally out for the N64, and it's gonna be a smash! If you've seen the commerical with those native americans, that's it. So go and get your copy before they get sold out!

    Updated By:- Magus - @ 4:05 PM 9/19/2000

    September 18, 2000    
          Hey yall!!! My enjoyment with Chrono Cross is over. But now I'm gonna do alot of reviews for the only rpgs for the Neo Geo pocket. (This means I'm gonna mail either clo or bobo the reviews since there's no scripts for em) Well since someone called all reviewers lazy might as well work harder when i get time. Well expect the 4 ngpc reviews this weekend i hope.

    Updated By:- Ultimauge - @ 11:46 PM 9/18/2000

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